Are you ready to supercharge your organization’s intranet experience?

Look no further than OneSource for SharePoint, the ultimate intranet CMS platform that’s rewriting the rules of workplace collaboration and communication. With eight key differentiating features, we’re here to help you create an intranet that’s not just a platform but a powerful asset for your organization: Content Creation Ease-of-Use: We’ve made content creation a breeze. Say goodbye to the technical jargon; OneSource lets you create engaging content with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Anyone on your team can become a content pro, […]

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Elevate Your Corporate Intranet Experience with OneSource Digital Communication Suite

In the ever-evolving digital workplace, having a robust and efficient corporate intranet is essential for fostering communication, collaboration, and productivity. OpenText OneSource CMS for SharePoint emerges as a powerful solution tailored to elevate your corporate intranet experience. In this blog, we explore the key features and compelling reasons why organizations should consider investing in OneSource for a seamless and transformative intranet experience. Seamless Integration with SharePoint: OneSource stands out as a corporate intranet solution that effortlessly integrates with Microsoft SharePoint. […]

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Introducing OneSource Digital Communication Suite: Your Ultimate Intranet Solution!

Are you tired of grappling with the complexities of managing your organization’sIntranet sites? Look no further than OneSource, a name synonymous with excellence in the world of CMS intranet platforms for over a decade. Our pedigree speaks for itself, having empowered countless organizations to conquer cost and lead time challenges related to Intranet site management. OneSource is the solution you’ve been waiting for – a seamless, hassle-free platform that requires absolutely no technical skills to deploy. Say goodbye to the […]

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